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Ch. Snowdragon Cindy Lou Who, Chinese Crested

The small box is 28" x 11" and the small stilt tops are 1.75" square. Most toy and the smaller terrier breeds match this size box. 

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The large box is 36" long and 16" wide. The large stilt tops are 3" square.   The Large box is suited for most working,  herding and sporting dogs, along with some of the bigger terriers.

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The extra large box is 40" long and 17" wide. The extra large stilt tops are 4" square. It suits Irish Wolfhounds, Saint Bernards, Great Pyranese, and Great Danes.

Some important notes for selecting the right system for your dog:

  • In some cases a second set of stilts are needed to accomodate large males or puppies.

  • Stilts should be fit correctly fitting neither too big so the dog may put two feet on one stilt nor too small so that toes hang over the edges. When properly fitted the dog will feel secure without excess space around the foot.
  • To determine the right sized box for your dog have someone stack your dog. Take a tape measure and measure from the tip of the toes of his front feet to the heels of the back feet. Then take a look at the box sizes to see what will make for a nice fit with space to accomodate larger or smaller dogs of the same breed.
  • If you would like to use Happy Legs for more than one breed, pick the largest box needed for the dogs you will be using Happy Legs with. Then buy stilts to match each of your breeds.
  • In some cases when when you buy one of the larger boxes to accomodate your larger dogs and also show toy breeds, you may want to purchase a small box for training on the table instead of the floor.


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