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Hi! I'm Hap the Happy Legs™ Dog.  Does your dog have trouble learning the Stand-Stay? Or does it look more like the cha-cha?

What about that all too familiar "Slouch"? Are you tired of fighting your dogs posting?

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Does your dog spin on the table, dance with his front legs, act very silly or is he just simply out of control?

Or what about that annoying little act
when the judge approaches?

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As an old show dog myself, I remember how hard it was for me to learn the Stand-Stay.  My owner would place each of my feet where he wanted them.   I didn't understand this and when I moved he would get mad and neither of us would show well.  Because of "Happy Legs™", show dogs today don't have to go through all of that! Happy Legs™ make a difference when it counts!

In this tough, competitive sport, when you only have minutes to impress a judge, it is important for us dogs to be "ON" the whole time we are in the ring.

Showing the judge the same look and pose every time makes the difference between first and second place.

Whether it is Best of Breed or Best in Show, "Happy Legs™" Stand-Stay Stilts is the only way to show a dog how to pose, free bait, and be comfortably hand stacked using only positive reinforcement.

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Many top handlers train their dogs with"Happy Legs™".  We have received numerous "barkimonals" thanking us for outstanding wins.  We are proud to say that several of the breed winners at Westminster this year were "Happy Legs™" dogs!