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Must say that we were at our wits end with our Smooth yearling, Naomi .... Unlike her Champion half sibling, Kara (Ch. Uneeda Mystic Grove Melody) who would assume the position and Nothing would make her move .... almost daring the judge NOT to choose her.  Winning her championships with WB/BOW & BOS & BOB every time .... Naomi had/has "ants in her pants" ... As you can see in the one photo, she was twisting her body two different ways ... my poor hubby, Steven and her other handler, Franny were having a hard time getting Naomi to focus long enough to keep her feet going in the proper direction!

Our mentor, John Buddie, Tartanside Collies held one of his handling classes and borrowed a "Happy Legs" from his friend and wanted to see if it would help the Collies!

IT DID ... It only took one try to get Naomi up on the "legs" ... and once there ... she didn't want to come down!  I always have a camera on hand to help with training .... I take the digital pictures and then show my hubby/handler just what they looked like so he can fix or do whatever is needed!

Anyhow ... what I noticed the rest of the class is that Naomi was standing correctly and they were no longer fighting and doing "that dance" which has kept them from climbing out of the classes to Winners Bitch!!!

We will definitely be looking into getting this for us!!!
Have a Great Day,

"The  Wee Beasties Of Mystic Grove"

Thank you for your MRS.HAPPYLEGS, that made a Best In Show winners.  This is my Pembroke Welsh Corgi PR CH.Honeyfox Gol Of Jomarek, aka Gol.

AKC:  In hes first weekend show won a Major and Group 1st. 
FCI  :  Multi BEST IN SHOW puppy. 
FCI  :  A BEST IN SHOW all breed in hes first show as Open Class.

Jorge Acevedo 

Dear Sue,

I have to tell you how great your product is! I bought it for the big Terrier Group show and had just 5 days to work my Lakeland puppy (10 months old) on it. Well, we KICKED BOOTY at the shows! Tulip had a strange desire to pull both back legs under her and spring straight up constantly. Her tail didn't seem to be high enough either and I was tempted to find a Chiropractor for her until I tried Happylegs.

She stood on it the first time and seemed so proud and it was EASY for her to stand with her rear out behind her and her tail up! She seemed a natural the 1st time and then I took her off after just about 20 seconds and put her down on the ground. She started to scale a box with clothes in it for Goodwill next to my Grooming table just to get back on the Happylegs! I wasn't positive that it was what she wanted so I picked her up and she strained towards the box and did this things I call "paws" where she put her two front feet together and 'paddled' toward the Happylegs until I put her back on! She LOVES it! Silly girl! She also got VERY jealous when my Mom used it for her Wire Fox and literally pitched a fit until I put her back on for a few seconds!

Well, this weekend we went to NCTA. Tulip was entered in Bred By. We won WB, BOW when the judge should have spread the points to the male, but didn't. Then the second day Tulip won Best in Sweeps, Group 3 in Sweepstakes, WB, Best Bred By Lakie, and BEST Bred By IN SHOW!!!!! Under Ken McDermott! What a wonderful weekend and she was truly talked about by the whole show! I gave everyone the Happylegs pitch and believe you will get some business from this wonderful weekend full of wins.

I am including a picture of Tulie on your product. Hope you enjoy.

Also included is a baby, 8 weeks old standing on Happylegs for the first time. She is a pup I'm raising for someone else who hasn't seen her in person nor one good picture of her until now. Boy was he impressed! The baby, Amber, is a wild child but even stood without help after a couple of tries. Unbelievable!

Thanks again for such a super product Sue! 
Dawn Spencer, Revelry Lakeland Terriers (Breeder of the all time top winner in the breed, Ch. Revelry's Awesome Blossom)


Hi Sue,
Thank you very much for give me this wonderful Happy Legs.

I am breeder, owner and handler of Pembroke Welsh Corgis and home of Best In Show winners.  I work very hard with my corgis to search the perfection.

In the picture,you can see my puppy corgi at 14 weeks of old in the "Happy Legs".  Only, in three(3) times my corgi learn the pose.

Thank you very much for that.
Jorge Acevedo from Puerto Rico


I received my new happy legs today and I just wanted to let you know how wonderful your product is. I have a 7 month old Beagle male puppy that I have spent weeks trying to stack on the table and all he could do is wiggle all over the table. After 5 minutes on the happy legs he stood perfectly still wagging his tail. This is the first time he has ever stood still for more than a few seconds and the best thing is he stayed happy, I guess that is why they are called happy legs. I also have a 1 yr old Beagle bitch who always tries to sit when her tail is groomed, as soon at she was put on the happy legs she never tried to sit and she kept her tail up the whole time. Thank you for such a great product. I have used it only one day and it is surely worth the price.

Thanks again,
Cannady Johnson
Foxquarter Kennel
Beagles and Parson Russell Terriers


I tried the stand stay stilts for Ella and it made all the difference in the world. I now start all of my puppies with them and it makes life easier on all of us. No more getting frustrated when you get an especially "hard headed" puppy or dog. Ella was known for having a spring loaded rear. When you stacked a front leg the rear would move, etc. This has solved those problems

Cindy Stroupe, Hernando, Miss USA


I saw Sue demonstrate the happy legs at the national two summers ago. They sure worked for her, but I wondered how well they would do for the rest of us. I debated, but finally ended up buying a set. They did work for me just like they did for her!! They seemed expensive at the time I bought them, but I can guarantee, they are worth every bit of it. The time they save in training and the quickness of learning is remarkable. Wish I had found them years ago!!!

Steve Kelly, Alamogordo, NM USA


Happy Legs were recommended to me by my friend, Jon Woodring. I started my 3 month old Australian Shepherd on them and she had the hang of it by the second day. Not she's an old pro at it. Super product. I'll be ordering the large stilts soon.

Patty Griffin, Facy Gap, VA USA


I am so impressed with your happylegs. That I have to get my own. I started training on a friends set, for only a week before my corgi's first show as a 6 month puppy. She self stacks like a pro. I couldn't believe it. Now I'm putting all my dogs on them as soon as they arrive. What a great idea.

j.barraza, Hesperia, CA USA


I bought my Happy Legs about 2 yrs ago and have used them with several dogs. I will swear by this product from now on. One the dog adjusts to them you can teach them to free bait and hard stack in minutes. I love em' Sue you are a genius!!!

Donna Hawkes


My friend that has IG's let me try her happy legs out with my Norwich Terrier puppy and wow! They really work. I need to order my own set today !!

Sincerely, Melinda (Periwood Norwich Terriers)


hey Sue..I purchased one of your Happy Leg sets last falll and feel it's doing great stuff for my pups. I have some owners of a Rottweiler I bred that need some with large stands...please get in touch with me so I can tell them how to get in touch with you to order!! Thanks

Tad Brooks


Hi You were very good at demonstrating the Happy Legs.I did purchase the XLarge Box and Sm-Med-Lg-XLarge stilts. I am planning on using them in my Handling Classes PLUS I did put my Boxer 12 Monthe old on and No More Problems. She now does not try to sit or move away when I tickle her tail up. Whow I am thrilled. Thanks Again for a Great Demo that helped understand the thought process from the dogs view.

Joan M Guest


This is a wonderful product. So wonderful in fact that I am buying my second set (just printed off the order form). Our Berner female had a horrible time keeping one foot in place. One weekend at the Atlanta shows we put her on the happylegs & couldn't believe the difference. To make a long story short we went in halvesies with our AmStaff buddies & with some work she started the show season with a bang....3-5pt majors!!!!! It's great. If you show dogs you need happylegs!!!!!!!!!

Damon & Fran Folmar


You know...I just couldn't wait last night, so I figured I'd start her on the ground and see how it went. It is a MIRACLE!!!! This is the best product I have ever seen. She looked beautiful and stood, like a statue, forever!!! (Well, at least until I picked her up and put her back on the ground.) I left her up there for a long time because I couldn't believe how easy it was and how good she looked! No bracing, tail up, and very happy! It was so stress free and easy. Thank you soooo much!

Heidi Warren


I had to send you a note Thanking you for taking the time to work with us this weekend with our boy Drake. This simple product has made him a completely different dog. We have worked him twice (once at the show) and he is Wonderful on the table. I knew this product worked, I'd seen it work, but I never thought it would help our boy. Simply put....I was wrong. Again, Thank you, and if you ever need someone as an example of a satisfied customer, tell them to call us! Thanks, Steve and Laurie Goldman

Steve & Laurie Goldman

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